No 8 Shave Oil is a unique blend of all natural pure essential oils. The oil has been scientifically formulated to soften the hair so the razor can glide across your skin. You will experience a close shave with out the dryness and irritation that can occur from using regular shaving creams or gels. If you have never used a shaving oil before then you are in for quite an experience! Start with a clean, new double or tripple blade razor. Shaving in the shower is always the best option. You can buy a fog free shower mirror in almost any of the chain drugstores. Whether you shave in the shower or not, the process is the same. Wet your face completely with warm water. Dispense 5-6 drops in the palm of your hand and apply it to the shaving area. Re-wet the area with water to create a slick surface. Shave as you would normally. When done you only need to towel dry. The oils are great for your skin so don’t wash them off using soaps that dry. Be sure to rinse your blades well when finished. Shave with No. 8 Shave Oil three times in a row and you will never go back to your old cream or gel - we GUARANTEE IT!

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